About Us

We are a real estate firm with a focus on both commercial and residential properties (lands, houses, and offices). We provide thousands of properties available for sale in Lagos and other states in Nigeria, and deal on a very wide range of properties (low cost, medium cost, and high cost) to income earners, depending on their financial capacity. Our goal is to be known for excellence and professionalism in the real estate industry. With many reports of fraud in the industry, we see an opportunity to render a value proposition aided by quality service and integrity, to clients in order to assist people to acquire or sell properties that are issues-free.

There are quite a number of real estate and marketing companies in Nigeria offering real estate services, but a vast majority of their value propositions are basically the same and lacking quality of service. Hephzibah Homes Limited offers unbeatable services in the real estate market through our issues-free properties policy. Our uniqueness lies in our unrivalled quality services to the full satisfaction of our clients.


We will become the largest and most trusted Real Estate firm in Africa where buyers and sellers get the best value for their investments.


We help sellers and buyers to sell or acquire properties anywhere in Nigeria without risks, through our professional services and commitment to zero margin of error.


  1. To assist potential buyers in acquiring genuine properties free from issues
  2. To assist sellers to sell their properties easily through our rigorous and aggressive marketing
  3. To acquaint and educate property buyers on how to conduct proper due diligence before making payments for properties
  4. To raise the standard of excellence and quality delivery in the Real Estate Industries
  5. To provide unparalleled service to clients and maintain quality service culture

Our services

Hephzibah Homes Limited has concluded plans to be a full-service Real Estate and Marking Firm. We will serve both the middle and upper class. Our services include:

  1. Land Sales: Making available lands for potential buyers to acquire.
  2. Houses: Making available houses for potential buyers to acquire.
  3. Offices: Making available offices for potential buyers to acquire.
  4. Lease/Rent: Hephzibah Homes will serve clients in the area of property leasing and rentages
  5. Joint Venture: Hephzibah Homes will help property owners who desire to have JV deals to find matching partners and also coordinate JV transaction activities between the parties.

Our Core Values

Our business is built on 4 core values: Integrity, Quality, Client First, and Teamwork. These four values are our guiding policies.

  • Integrity: Our word is our bond and we are bound to our promise to clients, employees and all stakeholders. When it comes to business operations, we believe that professionalism and quality services must be matched with trust and honesty.
  • Quality: Our first and foremost goal and passion is the interest of our clients, and we are always committed to each client’s needs and satisfaction.
  • Client First: We recognise that we are only in business because our client exists, and so we put their interest above every other thing. We appreciate our efforts when our clients are satisfied.
  • Teamwork: We operate as a united force in a healthy and welcoming work environment which encourages sharing of ideas and skills towards securing the general good.

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